Conference Programme

Ways of doing, Ways of being: artistic practices in and with anthropology. National Museum of Ethnology, 2017

Abstract: Practice (and materiality) Indirect Drawing - A reflection on the practice of printmaking as indirect drawing in Portuguese contemporary art, establishing relationships with other artistic practices. Observing printmaking as indirect drawing, more than a study of the printed object, refers to a broader vision of the process. Besides the preparation of the materials as a first moment of transformation by specialists and visitors, the sequencing of different stages of transference to different surfaces of impression, or the revealing of the image that contracts in itself all gestures, this presentation reflects on the interference of the body in the making of the print. This process, which is slow, lengthy, manual, phased and unpredictable, allows us to reflect on notions of repetition and inversion (classic to the discipline) as elements that affect the work of the material and create a distance to the final support, conferring a disorientation along with a reconfiguration of the body. The notion of collaboration in printmaking is approached as an aspect of indirect drawing, which in the print studio becomes a value of translation or friction pointing to different regimes of attention and humour. We take collaboration as an example of indirect drawing, in art and anthropology.

Event hosted by NAVA – Linha Temática Antropologia Visual e da Arte / CRIA – Centro em Rede de Investigação em Antropologia.